Robert Adams

Around the House

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"Looking intently at the house in Astoria, Oregon, that he and his wife Kerstin have shared for almost 20 years, Adams focuses on the details that define “home”: a kitchen table, books and paintings, wooden carvings and calligraphy (created by both Adams and his wife), flowers in vases, and the darkroom with its tools of the artist’s trade. Periodically shifting to porch or garden, as one might step outside over the course of a day, Adams’s photographs convey appreciation of the nearly imperceptible changes in familiar surroundings: the view of the Columbia River, the play of light on leaves, and most especially the ever-shifting clouds.
In his earlier series such as Prairie, Denver, Our Lives and Our Children, and California, Adams has often explored the larger question of the places we call home. His recent photographs suggest that a person’s most powerful connections with the land begin in the very place one lives." (Fraenkel Gallery)

"Robert Adams (*1937) describes his home modestly and affectionately: 'A friend once referred mischievously to the house as our ‘cottage.’ Built in 1941, it is now closely surrounded by other houses, though the front yard is shielded to one side and toward the street by green. And from the back porch there is a view of the Columbia River.'
Over his 45-year career Adams has been primarily known as an artist of the landscape, tracing humans’ relationship to nature in the American West. 'Around the House' features photographs of Adams’ more immediate environs: the quiet corners of his home, his darkroom and his garden, as well as the subtle drama in the sky just above his house in Astoria, Oregon.
This book is his most personal to date, capturing the small details and spaces that define his daily routine." (amazon description)

'Around the House' beinhaltet nicht die gewohnten Landschaftsfotografien, für die der 1937 geborene US-Amerikaner generell bekannt ist. Betrachtet man die persönlichen Möbel und das Interieur kommt man Adams sehr nahe; dennoch sind seine anderen Buchtitel nicht weniger persönlich, sie offenbaren Adams' Geisteshaltung im Hinblick auf unseren Umgang mit der Natur.